Case Studies are a great way for you to see how we at
Oliver, Ross & Associates tackle a Display project.
We recognize the importance of getting this part of any
project started off on the right foot.We pride ourselves on the accuracey and competence we exhibit in forming any new Display. Information is gathered, analyzed and then committed to paper for everyone involved to preview. Follow me as we go through a typical Case.

      If you would like to see a list of Display Categories that
Oliver, Ross & Associates creates, please click here. A rough drawing is a great beginning for us to Brain Storm
the requirements for a new Display.
      They can be hastily drawn sketches, notes only, or descriptive of the Merchandise.  They can detail the amount of product to be Displayed, whether Product should be Shelved or Hanging, and they can include such information as to Product size and weight.
      How the Display will be used and if it is to be Free Standing or Supported by an outside wall will impact the Design and Form of the Display.
      Color and Texture may be discussed as well as Pricing details. As the details of the Display are narrowed down, we will look at physical attributes. 
      These are more accurately drawn so we might recognize how
much space the Display will take up on the Sales Room floor or how high the Display needs to be for visibility in the Retail environment. Display Signage might be addressed at this time as well.
      Function and Practical elements might be addressed such
as height so that the customer can comfortable reach
the Product being Displayed.
      A Perspective Drawing will be developed so that we can
see the merits of the Display compared to Real World
      Elements such as people or Product will allow us to share
an insight into the practical merits of the Display.
      Color and Texture will give us a 'Feel' for how the Final
Display will fit into the environment for which it is intended.
This is critical part of the Development process in that it will lead us to the Prototype stage.


The Prototype will give us the Final chance to see and to feel what the exact impact of the Display will be.

      How does the Product 'Fit" the Display and does the Display successfully interact with the Merchandise it is Showing.
      The Prototype lets us decide method of assembly, instruction requirements, packing needs, and warehouse & Shipping projections. Now we are geared up for Your Custom Designed Display to be Manufactured in our plant. 
      We know the exact size, the color and texture, how long it will take to make the Display for you, how it will ship, assemble and pack, and where it will be best utilized to get the most sales and dollar return for you.
      How many to keep in inventory and what the space requirements needed will be for warehousing and shipping the Display is now a known factor.
      Your Product should now also be ready to ship, either with
the Display, packed in the Display, or at the same time the Display ships with adequate plans in place for back up Product. How many Displays to 'Roll Out' for immediate customer orders and where they will be going is finalized. How Display cartons will be marked and proper tracking procedures are put into place.
      We will have in place the logistics for Drop shipping and maintaining inventory and Display parts for future sales and customers.

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