If you have a requirement for Displays manufactured out of
Solid Wood, Laminated Wood, Melamine, Wire, Metal or Plastic; We want to be your Primary Display Supplier.

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Oliver, Ross & Associates creates,
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     We have many years of experienc in creating and manufacturing Custom Display Products for a wide variety of company's. We will work with your Ad Agency or your In-House Creative People to bring you to an innovative and successful conclusion to your Display needs. Please let us know if there is a current or future Project that we may help you with.Whether you want to use the Beauty of Natural Wood to build your Displays or any variety of Laminated Wood Products to highlight your Merchandise, we want to be your Display Source.
      Let us show you how we can add Texture and Color to your
Permanent Wood Displays in order to Promote your Brand and
Products. Todays Laminates and Finishes are just what you
need to attract new customers and retain old ones. Expect
the most creative solutions from us for you and your Company. 
     Years of Experience have brought us to the forefront of
Display Creativity and Manufacturing efficiency. We will prove to you our dedication and determination to supply you with the best there is to offer.
      Our State of the art CNC Computor Driven Production Equipment will expertly cut and machine your Displays efficiently and accurately. Through innovation and application, we will work with youin solving all of your Permanent Display Needs.

      Our experience with all kinds of Plastics, be they Injection Molded, Vacuum Formed or Heat Bent, will work to you, your Products and your Displays benefit.
      Through the creative and careful use of Plastics in the
manufacture of Displays, we offer the best combination of application and looks in satisfying your every Display requirements.
      The use of Plastic Products and Plastic components where
they can enhance, strengthen and beautify your Custom
Display, works to you and your Products Benefit. Let us show you how the Convenience of Plastics will benefit you.

      Wire Formed Displays are one of the most Cost efficient ways to give you the best benefit for the Money expended.
      Our Experience in Wire Forming helps us to help you get the most from this medium whether we combine it with a Wood Display or let it stand alone. Wire easily conforms to most requirements for Counter Display, Floor Display, End Cap or Line Displays. Wire Displays are light in weight, ship easily, and offer
many esthetic advantages when used in conjunction with
Wood or Laminated Displays. We offer Prototyping Services and, both, Large and Small Manufacturing Production Runs.

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